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B-125, MIDC Area,
Butibori, Nagpur - 441 108,
Maharashtra (India)

Mr. Sunil Khandelwal
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About Our Company

In a world that is changing at an ever-increasing pace, with emerging countries developing rapidly, the demand for steel and stainless steel has never been greater. At the same time the world is becoming more dynamic, which makes the supply of raw materials harder to control, for both large and small steel producing companies. In this environment, you need a solid partner that both enables and encourages continuity, rather than compromising it. A partner that is not only sustainable and reliable, but who can also be flexible and innovative if needed.

The world's single largest port and distribution center for metals, our international outlook and entrepreneurial business sense have always been about trust. From our foundation we have developed years of experience as a reliable supplier of Ferro Alloys. Today, we are active in the central region catering to almost every buyer of Ferro Alloys.

By identifying and securing primary and alternative sources of supply and by being a versatile player in the supply of Ferro Alloys to the Steel Industry, we have created a unique position in the supply chain. Our major strength is our extensive knowledge of the Alloy industry, which allows us to cooperate with our customers to optimize their raw material strategy and with our suppliers to optimize their product mix and production process. In doing so, we provide our customers with the goods and services they require to achieve their goals and objectives.

Sourcing, supplying and supporting

As miner, Trader, producer, Exporter, recycler, and financier, we can play a crucial part in every phase of the Ferro Alloys supply chain. We continuously search for alternative sources of supply from all over the world, or even create new products by refining and blending different metals in innovative ways. By operating local representative offices, developing methods of secondary mining and controlling production through strategic mining partnerships, we can ensure a long-term, reliable continuity of supply for our customers.