About Us

Vidhi Minerals & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is an International Trade Facilitator. We�ve developed a unique global trading concept to import and export manufactured goods and commodities worldwide.

We offer a solution to suppliers wishing to export their products worldwide.
The two companies of the Shyamji Group- Vidhi Minerals & Alloys Pvt. Ltd. and Shyamji Mineral & Trading Corporation Works on following lines:

  • We manage and market products for export in the global market.
  • We can appoint local representatives to represent and market your products in their country.
  • We can appoint representatives for any product anywhere in the world.
  • We can import products to a large number of countries and can act as sourcing Agents for products.

What we do for buyers

We offer top quality and competitively priced products manufactured in various countries worldwide. We take advantage of the strengths each country has to offer so we can provide you with quality products at better value to help you compete in your market. Best of all, we can deliver the products to you warehouse or you pick it up from your local port.

We know you will feel more comfortable by talking in your native language to a person with the same culture as you. For that reason we have appointed local Directors, or Representatives abroad. Chances are, we will have a Sourcing Agent or a Representative in your country, it may even be a person that you know, so contact us to find out.

Our mission is to expand our trading network all around the world and create successful traders whom we will be proud to call friends.
If you are involved in the International trade as a trader, sourcing agent, exporter, importer, intermediary, financier, shipping agent or as a trade development officer in your country feel free to contact us and express your interest.

Shyamji Mineral Trading Corporation, also is today one of India's largest Maganese ore mining companies in the non-captive private sector.

Mining Division

The mining division has its Maganese ore operations in the mineral rich belt of Balaghat. The mines have substantial resource base of superior quality with high Mn content. The Mn content varies between 24-50 per cent, which is one of the best quality materials available in the country.

Shyamji Group holds a leading position in the Indian mining industry for its superior mining techniques, equipment and scale / flexibility operations and systems.

The potential of the proven deposit, quality and quantity of reserves are good enough to sustain the operation for the next 15 years at the current operating capacity.

Shyamji Group is among the largest players in the non-captive private segment in India, with an annual mining capacity of over 1.5 MT. Mining operations are mechanised, adopting the state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Flexibility in operations enables the division to maximise the utilisation of resources as well as cater to the needs of diverse customer segments. It is in advanced stages of negotiations with the Indian Railways for private railway siding to boost its logistic infrastructure.

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