Mining Division

The mining division has its Maganese ore operations in the mineral rich belt of Balaghat. The mines have substantial resource base of superior quality with high Mn content. The Mn content varies between 24-50 per cent, which is one of the best quality materials available in the country.

Shyamji Group holds a leading position in the Indian mining industry for its superior mining techniques, equipment and scale / flexibility operations and systems.

The potential of the proven deposit, quality and quantity of reserves are good enough to sustain the operation for the next 15 years at the current operating capacity.

Shyamji Group is among the largest players in the non-captive private segment in India, with an annual mining capacity of over one lakh MT. Mining operations are mechanised, adopting the state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Flexibility in operations enables the division to maximise the utilisation of resources as well as cater to the needs of diverse customer segments. It is in advanced stages of negotiations with the Indian Railways for private railway siding to boost its logistic infrastructure.