High Carbon Ferro Manganese alloys are developed under the supervision of highly qualified professionals with precise chemical specifications. Our expertise lies in manufacturing these high carbon alloys and carbon manganese alloys in standard as well as customized form to meet with the drawings and specifications of our esteemed clients.

High Carbon Ferro Manganese is used for:
It is the principal deoxidizing agent in steel making and an important alloying element used for the production of ordinary mild steel as well as sophisticated low and high alloy steels.

It also has the property of controlling the effect of sulphur, which when manganese is present, forms manganese sulphide and tends to float out of the liquid steel.

Manganese has the effect of stabilizing austenite. Steel with 12 to 14% Mn is fully austenitic, and is used on a large scale for its wear and abrasion-resisting characteristics.


Mn% Si% C% P% S%
65% min 1.5-2% 6-8% 0.40% max 0.04% max
70% min 1.5-2% 6-8% 0.38% max 0.04% max
75% min 1.50% 6-8% 0.35% max 0.04% max

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