Manganese oxide is the most important manganese compound. Pyrolusite is the chief source of manganese and all its compounds, when derived from ores. Pyrolusite is widely used as a chemical oxidant in organic synthesis. Manganese oxide is also used as the cathode material in electric dry cells. Synthetic manganese oxide is prepared by decomposition of manganese nitrate, by reaction of manganese sulfate, oxygen and sodium hydroxide, or by electrolysis of an aqueous solution of manganese sulfate.

MnO has the NaCl, rock salt structure, where cations and anions are both octahedrally coordinated. The composition of MnO can vary from MnO to MnO1.045.

Below 118 K MnO is antiferromagnetic. MnO has the distinction of being one of the first compounds to have its magnetic structure determined by neutron diffraction in 1951. This study showed that the Mn2+ ions form a face centered cubic magnetic sub-lattice where there are ferromagnetically coupled sheets which are anti-parallel with adjacent sheets.


Manganese oxide Type I Manganese oxide Type II Manganese oxide Type II
Mn (H2SO4 Soluble): 38 - 40% Mn (H2SO4 Soluble): 42 - 44% Manganese (Total) : 60% - 62%
Mn (Total): 44 - 46% Mn (Total): 48 - 50% Manganese(Soluble): 46% - 50%
Size: 80 mesh Size: 80 mesh Manganese-di-oxide (MnO2): 2%-4% (max)
Packing: 50 Kg PP Bags Packing: 50 Kg PP Bags Iron (Fe): 4%-6% (max)
- - Arsenic (As): 50 PPM (max)
- - Cadmium (Cd): 5 PPM (max)
- - Lead (Pb): 15PPM (max)
- - Mercury(Hg): 0.1PPM (max)
- - Color: Greenish Brown Powder
- - Size: 100/200/300 Mesh

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