The exact origin of the group, which dates back to 1985, was in the form of distributing Ores & Alloys. During the beginning years, trading was primarily the main business. This helped the group build impeccable rapport with both the suppliers & buyers in the industry. It also served another purpose. These early group's employees were reminded daily that the Group's success would depend upon their adopting the same kind of vision, initiative, determination and hard work that drove the pioneers who created India's Mineral & Ore industry. Following in line, several mines were acquired; Two most prominent ones worth mentioning are the 160 acres & 30 acre mines situated at Sausar & Boujhani respectively.
  • Mining
  • Production
    • HC / MC Ferro Manganese, Silico Manganese
    • Manganese Oxide (MnO)
    • DI Pipe
    • Ferro Titanium
  • Heavy Structure Fabrication
  • DI/CI Pipe
  • Dairy
  • International Trading
    • Ferro Alloys
    • MnO & MnO2
    • Ores & Minerals
  • Construction
  • Logistics
Social Responsibilities
With the evolution & growth of the Group, a need to acknowledge the society on the whole was felt by the founder. A trust by the name of 'Khandelwal Trust' was started with the intention of donating funds to Hospitals, Schools and also for extra ordinary needs of the society. Medical facility & education was prioritized & free medicines & education are being provided to the needy.

A Growing Group
The group today has a peak employment of 400. The Group currently operates 2 mines and 4 strategically located distribution centers.Chief architect of today's highly successful group is the Group's Chairman and Managing Director, Ajay Khandelwal, a veteran Ore industry executive whose acumen and vision brought the group to becoming the largest producer & distributor of High Grade Manganese Ores in the region. Under his leadership the group has focused on the execution of fundamentals, maintained its firm commitment to quality, and has been rigorously consistent in its strategy. With these principles the group has steadily grown both its top and bottom line by increasing excavation & mining activity, reducing its supply chain costs and growing through volumes. Khandelwal and his management team have set a rapid pace as they execute strategies to further strengthen the group's dominant position in Minerals & Ores industry, expand into high-growth high grade ores and value-added produce in the Ferro Alloys Segment, and acquire high yield mines that represent opportunities for profitable long term growth.

This Way And That Way
The group's promise of quality has remained unchanged over the past 30 years, but the corporate umbrella under which this Group has prospered has undergone significant modification, especially during the last 10 years of intense excavation & mining activity.

MD Speaks
Corporate Governance
Vission 2020
Whats New

SMTC Project PVT. LTD. completed prestigious construction work of Rajiv Sagar Dam (Kuduwa), Balaghat, Dist. M.P.