The product for which this petition has been filed is Metallurgical Coke (Metcoke) with an ash content of less than 18% (eighteen percent) which is being dumped in the Indian market by the exporters from Japan. The petitioner have contended that the subject Metcoke imported from Japan uses coking coal having ash content of less than 13% and therefore Subject Metcoke of only up to 18% is being imported into India.

Iron Foundries: Iron Foundries use coke in the Cupola to melt iron for casting it into various shapes as per application. The iron foundries in India are spread out throughout the country.

Steel Foundries: Steel foundries use coke to provide additional carbon content to the molten metal depending upon the specification of the casting.

Non ferrous metal castings; Foundries that make castings of Copper and Brass use Coke for melting the metal.

Lead and zinc Smelters: Coke is a prime ingredient in the process of lead and Zinc smelting.

Secondary Steel Producers: Mini steel plants that produce steel from recycled steel scrap and sponge irons require coke.

Chemical Plants: Some soda ash plants and calcium carbide producers require coke in their process.

Ferro Alloy Plants: Ferro alloy producers require coke for their production. Coke is used as a reducing agent in this process.

Pig Iron Producers: Production of pig iron requires coke. In India small pig iron producers require coke and buy the coke from the open market. Typically larger steel producers have their own plants and therefore, are not in the market to buy coke.


Fixed Carbon 78% Min
Ash (DB) 14.5% +/-1%
VM (DB) 2.5% max
Sulphur (DB) 0.65% max
Phos (DB) 0.04% max
Total Moisture 8% min.
Size 8-25mm

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